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Song, M. J., Choi, S., Bae, W. B., Lee, J, Han, H., Kim, D. D., Kim, Y. M., Yoon, S.* Identification of primary effecters of N2O emissions from full-scale biological nitrogen removal systems using random forest approach. In preparation

Chang, J., Gu, W., Semrau, J.D., Yoon, S.* Multimodal influence of methanotrophic community on nitrous oxide emmissions from soil denitrification. In preparation

Kim, D. D., Park, D., Yoon, H., Yun, T, Song, M.J., Yoon, S.* Quantification of nosZ genes and transcripts in activated sludge microbiomes with novel group-specific qPCR methods validated with metagenomic analyses. In preparation

Park, T., Yoon, S., Jung, J., Kwon, T.-H.* Effect of fluid-rock interactions on in situ bacterial alteration of interfacial properties and wettability of CO2-brine-mineral systems for geologic carbon storage. Submitted

Biswal, B. K., Chang, J., Cho, D. J.., Kwon, C., Yoon, S.* Enhancement of dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA) activities in Shewanella loihica strain PV-4 and agricultural soil enrichments amended with root exudates. Submitted


Choi, M., Kim, J., Lee, B., Yoon, S.* Cometabolic vinyl chloride degradation at acidic pH by acidophilic methanotrophs isolated from alpine peat bogs. In revision (Environ. Sci. Technol.)


Song, M. J., Yoon, H., Kwon, M., Lee, T.-K., Yoon, S.* Orthophosphate enhances abiotic nitrous oxide production from aerobic hydroxylamine decomposition. Biol Fert Soil. Accepted.


Kaupper, T., Hetz, S., Kolb, S., Yoon, S., Horn, M. A.*, Ho, A.* Deforestration for oil palm: impact on greenhouse gas emission and soil microorganisms. Biol Fert Soil. Accepted.

Rochman, F. F., Kwon, M., Khadka, R., Tamas, I, Lopez-Jauregui, A. A., Malmstrom, R. R., Sheremet, A., Woyke, T., Yoon, S., Dunfield, P. F.*, Verbeke, T. J. Novel copper-containing membrane monooxygenases (CuMMOs) encoded by alkane-utilizing Betaproteobacteria in oilsands tailings. ISME J. Accepted.

Park, T., Jeon, M., Yoon, S., Lee, K. S., Kwon, T.* (2019) Interfacial tension and wettability modification in oil/brine/mineral system by in-situ produced biosurfactant at reservoir conditions. Energy Fuel. 33:4909-4920 [PDF]

Han, H., Song, B., Song, M. J., Yoon, S.* (2019) Enhanced nitrous oxide production in denitrifying Dechloromonas aromatiaca strain RCB under salt or alkaline conditions. Front Microbiol. 10:1203 [PDF]

Yoon, S.*, Song, B., Phillips, R.L., Chang, J., Song, M. (2019) Ecophysiological implications of nitrate / nitrite reductions on greenhouse gas emissions control in agroecosystems. FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 95:fiz066 [PDF]

Ho, A., Kwon, M., Horn, M. A., Yoon, S*. (2019) Environmental applications of methanotrophs. In: Methanotrophs: Microbiology Fundamentals and Biotechnological Applications. Steinbuchel, A. and Lee, E.-Y. (eds). Springer, Berlin, Germany pp. 231-255 [PDF]

Yoon, H., Song, M. J., Kim, D. D., Sabba, F., Yoon, S.* Serial biofiltration system for effective removal of low-concentration nitrous oxide in oxic gas streams. Environ Sci Technol. 53:2063-2074 [PDF] 

Kwon, M., Ho, A., Yoon, S.* (2019) Novel approaches and reasons to isolate methanotrophic bacteria with biotechnological potentials: recent achievements and perspectives. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 103:1-8  [PDF]


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Kim, J., Kim, D.D., Yoon, S.* (2018) Rapid isolation of fast-growing methanotrophs from environmental samples using continuous cultivation with gradually increased dilution rates. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 102:5707-5715 [PDF]


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Kim, H., Park, D., Yoon, S.* (2017) The effect of pH on nitrogen dissimilation of Shewanella loihica PV-4 and its implication in nitrous oxide emission and nitrogen retention.  Front. Microbiol. 8:1820 [PDF]


Yoon, H., Song. M., Yoon, S.* (2017) Design and feasibility analysis of a self-sustaining biofiltration system for removal of low concentration N2O emitted from wastewater treatment plants. Environ. Sci. Technol. 51:10736-10745 [PDF]


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